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New York City’s top rated Gold Buyers since 2004!

Are you interested in selling your gold, diamond, silver, coins, platinum, and jewelry for cash? Come to Diamond District Buying Department today and get the best price for your gold, diamond jewelry watch, or silver items!

Diamond District Buying Department is the company that represents new generation of refiners. We pay the highest price for your old and scrapped golden jewelry. We want you to become our next satisfied customer. For the past few years, Diamond District Buying Department has been offering fast and friendly service and the best prices for your golden, or diamond jewelry.

We offer you the highest price

Diamond District Buying Department can offer the highest prices when you sell your gold to us, because we operate large amounts of gold! We cut down costs by cutting out the middleman and keep the entire process in-house right in our midtown office.

Our company refines and purifies all the gold that we buy. This means that our costs are lower than those of our competitors ; thus, our customers save, too! Dealing with Diamond District Buying Department, you receive up to 98% of your gold’s current market value. For large volume customers payouts are available up to 98.5%.


step 1
You bring in the piece of gold, silver, diamond, platinum, watch or electronics you wish to sell to our convenient NYC midtown location.


step 1
We test your item, and evaluate it basing on its carat weight and other criteria. You are paid based on the current fixed price of gold. You can expect to get up to 99% of the gold’s current market value with us. There are no fancy games or gimmicks, we work in the gold buying and refining business for over 30 years, and strive for excellent customer satisfaction.


step 1
We offer you a quote for your item, and you are paid in cash immediately. We encourage our customers to write an unbiased review online about your experience with Diamond District Buying Department.

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