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Sell Emerald

Diamond District Buying Department purchases emeralds on favorable terms. You can sell us the gemstones themselves or jewelry items with emeralds. We guarantee fast and professional service. We have qualified experts-gemologists. Evaluation of precious stones and jewelry is done in a couple of minutes.

Life is full of unexpected situations, and there are many situations when additional financial resources are needed urgently. Getting bank loans takes a lot of time: you need to collect documents, confirm the salary, provide other information. If you need some additional money, the best is to contact a well-reputed buyer and sell your emeralds, or other valuable items. The main advantage of this solution is that you get paid on the spot without any inquiries and checks.

We always guarantee:

  • reliability and professionalism of our staff;
  • favorable terms of cooperation;
  • individual approach to every customer;
  • strict confidentiality of every deal.

Selling emeralds: step-by-step

To sell an emerald, or a jewelry item with emerald, you should follow the next procedure:

1. Book a preliminary online assessment of your emeralds and jewelry.
2. Visit our office at 74 W 47st. room №202 New York City. Here, an expert gemologist will evaluate an emerald or ornament with it. The price of a stone depends on several factors: quality (presence or absence of damage, inclusions etc.), weight, intensity of color, and size. After evaluation, we will give you a quote.
3. Accept with our offer, and get your money immediately.

We also buy gemstones, and jewelry items with gems for the most attractive price. Moreover, we offer to our customers gemstones of various carat ranges, weights, cuts, and shades for purchase. Offers and price can be found in the catalog.

74 W 47 street, room №202
New York, NY 10036
Phone: 1 (718) 974-77-34
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