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Sell Silver

Selling your Silver items to us gets high dollar payouts.

We make selling silver easy, fast and confidential with our expert appraisals and immediate cash payments. While silver jewelry is often filled with cherished memories, it is also the simplest jewelry to part with. There is no better place to empty your pockets of silver and fill them with cash. Stop by one of our locations with your silver for a free appraisal. Silver has long been valued as a precious metal, and it is used to make ornaments, fine jewelry, high-valued tableware, utensils (silverware), and currency coins.

Get paid for the high value of your silver jewelry, silverware and silver items

Jewelry and silverware are traditionally made from sterling silver (standard silver). Sterling silver (stamped 925) is harder than pure silver and has a lower melting point (893 °C) than either pure silver or pure copper. Britannia silver is an alternative hallmark-quality standard containing 95.8% silver, often used to make silver tableware and wrought plate. With the addition of germanium, the patented modified alloy Argentium Sterling Silver is formed, with improved properties. Sterling silver jewelry is often plated with a thin coat of .999 fine silver to give the item a shiny finish. This process is called “flashing”. Silver jewelry can also be plated with rhodium (for a bright, shiny look) or gold.

Silver in any form, condition or age is good to sell

  • Silver Jewelry – Diamond District Gold Buyers is a Top Rated Buyer of old silver jewelry and valuables

  • Silver Antique – We buy all sorts of antiques, fine arts and collectibles

  • Silverware – Jewelry and silverware are traditionally made from sterling silver

  • Silver Coins – We pay TOP dollars for all your old silver/gold/platinum/copper coins or new coins

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